VEG 101: Eat More Spinach!

Dark leafy greens like spinach contain antioxidants and bioflavonoids that help block cancer-causing substances and processes.

A half cup of cooked spinach provides a full day’s supply of vitamin A and 105 micrograms of folate. While it does not contain as much iron as one may think, the vitamin K found in Spinach is good for bone health as well as improving brain functions. Fresh spinach can be found in your grocery store’s produce section or at your farmers market.

Incorporate spinach into your diet today by using the dark, green leaves for salads in place of iceberg lettuce. Spinach can be served raw or cooked; steaming or stir-frying it will preserve texture, minimize the loss if water-soluble vitamins and makes the spinach easier to break down.

Tips: Before eating, remove dirt and soil residue from spinach by rinsing in cold water.


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