The Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul II

In The Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul, I will share some of my favorite cookbooks, music, chefs, etc. with you to help spark new ideas and inspiration for the kitchen. Please note that not all post will include plant-based books and chefs. Here’s to the second installment! Enjoy.1. Frank Ocean- Channel Orange: Channel Orange may be my favorite album released this year. Undoubtedly, it was one of the most controversial releases after Ocean’s announcement that some of his song lyrics were inspired by a man. Nevertheless, the album creates no controversy in the kitchen. Set the mood to Sunday cooking with ‘Thinkin Bout You’, ‘Sweet Life’, ‘Super Rich Kids’, and ‘Pyramids’.

2. Food Storage & Preserving: If you’re anything like me, your pantry and refrigerator are overflowing with herbs, spices, sauces and left overs. I find it nearly impossible to work in an unorganized kitchen cluttered with unidentified Rubbermaid bowls. Check out IKEA for jars that are good for preserving your fall harvest as well as storing spices & leftovers.

3. Eco-Chef Bryant Terry, author of Vegan Soul Kitchen & The Inspired Vegan, has been at the forefront of putting vegan soul food on the map for quite some time now. For beginner and seasoned vegetarians/vegans, Terry’s creative work can help push the boundaries in the plant-based kitchen. If you are new to Terry’s work, check out a few of his interviews on NPR to better understand his inspirational style of cooking.

4. A New Turn in the South by Hugh Acheson is a cookbook essential for anyone who is inspired by southern cooking. Although this is NOT a vegan cookbook, many of the recipes can be easily veganized with a few ingredient substitutions. Squash Casserole, Baked Beans, and Hominy Grits are just a few of the dishes that can easily be prepared vegan style.

Click here to read the first installment of The Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul


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