The Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul IV

In The Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul, I will share some of my favorite cookbooks, music, chefs, etc. with you to help spark new ideas and inspiration for the kitchen. The series has been on a hiatus while we were working to bring another Uptown Soul Food Pop Up to you! Nevertheless, here’s to the fourth installment of Cooking with Creativity & Soul! Enjoy!

Cooking with Creativity & Soul IV

1. I’m ashamed to admit that I was unfamiliar with the excellent work of Massive Attack until reading a Pitchfork review on the Blue Lines album. Massive Attack, which was originally released in 1991, is a classic that lovers of all music genres can enjoy. Every track (there are nine in total) is packed with timeless sounds that remind me of some of my favorite hip hop and R&B songs of today. Massive Attack is available for download on iTunes.

2. 6-Piece Baking Set from Crate&Barrel: It’s officially holiday season! As a vegan, I’m constantly bombarded with questions about cookies, cakes and fresh baked pies. “Do vegans eat dessert?” I’ll be the first to tell you the answer is yes. To get started, every vegan kitchen needs a baking set to get started on classic holiday sweets. The heavy-gauge steel set that is pictured above is currently priced at $39.95.

3. Do you love Post Punk Kitchen (PPK) as much as I do? Vegan chef & cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz is the founder of the PPK website and TV show. While the PPK TV show is no longer around, the website serves as a hodgepodge of vegan recipes for the beginner and skilled vegan cook. In the spirit of holiday desserts, check out Moskowitz’s vegan baking tutorial. Also check out Moskowitz’s collection of holiday recipes.

4. Joni Marie Newman‘s ‘Vegan Food Gifts‘ is the holiday enthusiast’s “do it yourself” guide to plant-based, eco-friendly food gifts. Whether you plan to buy the book as a gift or recreate a few of the 100+ recipes  for your friends and family members, Vegan Food Gifts is a must have this year. If you are planning to create gift baskets or gift bags, this is the perfect book for you! Recipes include vegan mac & cheese, homemade hot sauce, and many more. Check out Joni Marie Newman’s website and purchase Vegan Food Gifts on Amazon.


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