The Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul VI

Welcome back to the Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul! In addition to bringing you this installment, we here at Uptown Soul Food would like to wish you a Happy New Year. As always, the 6th edition of Cooking With Creativity & Soul features great music and an awesome cookbook recommendation. We were also excited to catch up with up-and-coming Philadelphia dessert chef, Karl Isaiah about his past year and future endeavors. Here’s to the sixth installment! Enjoy.

The Vegetarian Kitchen 6

1. If I had to describe ‘The Last Odyssey’ by Masta Conga & His Afro-Latin Vintage Orchestra in one word, I’d say the album is triumphant. Combining elements of Ethiopian and Nigerian Funk with Latin Rhythms, The Last Odyssey offers a fresh sound for the kitchen. Percussionist Masta Conga and his orchestra create an infusion of jazz, funk and soul music over the course of the creative 15 track album. The Last Odyssey, which was released in July through Ubiquity Records, is a must have for music fans of all genres. My favorite track, ‘Hip Hop Definition’ can be streamed below. Be sure to purchase the album here.

2. 10-Piece 2.25″-10.25″ Glass Nesting Bowl Set by Crate&Barrel. If you are looking for a multipurpose mixing bowl, the Glass Nesting Bowl set is a great place to start. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I realized that I did not own a good set of mixing bowls. I was forced to mix ingredients in small bowls and other dishes that were simply not designed for mixing. In addition to mixing, the bowls will also look great on any dining room table as a salad bowl as well. The set of 10 can be purchased online for $29.95.

3. After making his Food Network debut on the national syndicated program, Sweet Genius, Uptown Soul Food had the chance to catch up with Cheesecake Chef Karl Isaiah of Cake Boulangerie. Since his 2008, the Philadelphia native has had the opportunity to prepare his famous cheesecake for Philadelphia’s famous ‘The Roots’ band, Keishia Cole, and fashion designer, Angela Simmons. Last week, Karl had the pleasure of welcoming close to 100 people to his exclusive Sweet Genuis viewing party at Brauhaus Schmitz. Below, you can check out the ‘Cooking with Jess (of Brauhaus Schmitz) & Karl’ German Cheesecake collaboration video. Since I  currently cannot enjoy any of Karl’s desserts, he took on my challenge to prepare a vegan version of his famous cheesecake. As a former vegetarian, Karl understands the health benefits of a plant based diet and announced via social media that he would commit to a vegetarian diet in the new year. We’ll update you on his status next year!

4. If you are still weighing the pros and cons of adopting a plant-based diet, I highly recommend you watch the film Forks Over Knives. This past fall, makers of the critically-acclaimed documentary released an official Forks Over Knives Cookbook to serve as a companion to the film. Packed with over 300 recipes, the Forks Over Knives Cookbook is a must have for any plant-based kitchen. The book is organized into sections with favorites including the ‘Casseroles’, ‘Soups’, and ‘Stews and Chilies’ sections. To add icing on the cake (literally), the cookbook features dessert recipes by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of Veganomicon. Forks Over Knives The Cookbook can be purchased at Amazon.

Happy New Year!


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