VEG 101: 10 Alkaline Fruits to Eat this Summer


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Kitchen Forks & Vibes: Food Justice via ‘The Produce Section’

theproducesectionLooking for ways to get involved in the food justice movement? You’re in luck! In addition to the awesome sounds (and videos) of food justice activist and hip-hop artist, DJ Cavem Moetivation, this edition of ‘Kitchen Forks & Vibes’ includes tips on fighting food injustices in our own communities Enjoy!

With assistance from official government policy, some food companies have flooded our communities with a sea of “edible food like substances”, sugar sweetened beverages, artificially low-priced junk food and expensive advertising campaigns to further consumer spending. These companies will do whatever it takes to make sure our choices are made with the least amount of information. Continue reading

Kitchen Forks & Vibes: Wax Poetics DOPE DIGITAL CASSETTE FEBRUARY 2013 SIDE A

“The Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul” welcomes you to “Kitchen Forks & Vibes”. This set is presented by Last Night Was Legendary x Wax Poetics. This 30 minute set opens with an amazing cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking of You” by Kiah Victoria. Toss this set on before meal prep and enjoy! *Warning: Some songs contain explicit lyrics* 

“Thinking of You (Frank Ocean Cover)” – Kiah Victoria
“Concrete Waves (DJ Premier 320 Remix)” – Kendra Morris
“Girls” – Young Whisper feat. HB Wellington
“Neon” – Ro James
“Baii Fwah” – Kevin Madison
“Treasure” – Alex Ramone
“High” – Saidah Baba Talibah
“Twisted Summer (DEMO)” – White Gallery

Photography by Ray Kairos

Blends by Crystalena

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The Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul VII

It’s been close to one month since we’ve posted a new edition of The Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul. The last installment featured Chef Karl Isaiah and some of our favorite music by Masta Conga & His Afro-Latin Vintage Orchestra. This time around, we’d like to feature both Dr. Martin Luther King and Ms. Coretta Scott King in a discussion about choosing a plant-based diet as a diet of peace. We also discuss A Tribe Called Quest and Dr. Fredrick Douglass Opie’s Hog & Hominy. As always, please note that not all features in this series are about vegans/vegetarians. Enjoy! Continue reading

The Vegetarian Kitchen: Kitchen Forks & Vibes

“The Vegetarian Kitchen: Cooking with Creativity & Soul” welcomes you to “Kitchen Forks & Vibes”, a 30 minute set including some of our favorite tracks (some old and some new). The set, featuring artists like MarianMereba and Blu, seeks to inspire seasoned and novice cooks in the kitchen. Enjoy the soulful sounds of ‘The Echocentrics’ tribute to Timbaland and the Afro Latin Vintage Band’s “Onze De France”. Continue reading